Corvette Z06 Evens the Score

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We love the rivalry with our friends driving Dodge Vipers and enjoy almost any time a Corvette and Viper square off. Kuno Witmer, driver of the #93 Dodge Viper may have stolen the Tudor United SportsCar Series championship from Corvette Racing’s Antonio Garcia but apparently the girl in this video, driving a Corvette C6 Z06, wanted to even the score. In a rolling start at an airfield she chalks one up for the good guys at Chevrolet and shuts down a 2014 SRT Viper. The video was recently posted on YouTube by HBSSTC.   Video: YouTube HBSSTC

The History of the Corvette

Corvette 001 rolls off a makeshift assembly line in Flint, Michigan June 30, 1953 (Photo: GM Archives)

The compelling inside story of America’s Sports Car from the perspective of the advertising and promotional media which helped create the legend by Jim Bernardin and Rick Tavel © October 2014 All rights reserved Introduction – Rick Tavel This is part one of a series of articles that examines the history of the Corvette as told through advertising perspective. I first undertook an abbreviated and much simpler version of this project over two years ago at the request of Corvette Forum. The weekly series ran a full year and examined Corvette print advertising from the beginning through the fourth generation Corvette. Because the series was written for the internet it was kept brief and examined only one ad at a … Continue reading

Silverstone 427/435 1968 Corvette Survivor Bound for Anaheim

1968 427-435 Survivor S139 -Mecum

by Rick Tavel October 27, 2014 Corvetted With ever increasing appreciation in both value and collectability of original condition “survivors,” Mecum has found an exceptional example of a Corvette tucked away in a warehouse 37 years ago. It was put away in 1976 with the odometer showing just a little over 28K original miles along with a 1967 RS/SS Camaro . The original condition Corvette Silverstone Silver coupe will be featured in Mecum’s upcoming Anaheim, California, auction November 13 -15, being held at the Anaheim Convention Center and will cross the block along with 750 other collector cars. But unlike many other cars which are stored and forgotten, this 1968 Corvette survivor was maintained during its hibernation. The gas was kept fresh … Continue reading

The Washington Post Pays Tribute To “The Flying Dentist”

DickThompson (Photo- Corvette Racing)

Back on September 17, 2014, Corvetted reported the passing of one of the great Corvette race car drivers, Dr. Dick Thompson. Apparently, since the legendary Flying Dentist lived the first 51 years of his life in Washington, Bart Barnes of the Washington Post, recognized the contribution Thompson made to racing and on Saturday 10-25-14, published a detailed and more appropriate tribute to the man and his life. We thought Corvette enthusiasts would like to see what the Washington Post had to say about the Corvette Hall of Fame member’s life. The Washington Post article is below. Dick Thompson, champion race-car driver known as ‘Flying Dentist,’ dies at 94 By Bart Barnes The Washington Post October 25 at 6:31 PM In … Continue reading

Corvettes at Nassau Speed Week 1956 – Video

Nassau Speed week

Rick Tavel 10-26-2014 Corvetted This wonderful video of 1956 Speed Week in the Bahamas was posted by King Rose Archives on YouTube a year ago and surprisingly it has not been uncovered and shared with most Corvette True Believers. It is a rare extraordinary color video (no sound) that catches the spirit and feel of racing in the mid 1950’s. In addition to some incredible shots of Corvettes there are also some wonderful shots of old Nassau. Over the Corvette’s 62 year life span, GM has banned racing several times and one of those bans was in effect during the time this film was shot. But that did not deter Bill Mitchell, head of design, Ed Cole, general manager of … Continue reading

1st & 2nd Gen Corvette Restomods – An American Revolution

This beautiful 1962 Restomod sold for $198K in Scottsdale last year Lot 1051 (Photo: Barrett-Jackson)

by Rick Tavel© October 24, 2014 Corvetted There’s something going on in the Corvette collector car market and if you are not following it closely you might not pick up on the fact that, in the terms of an old Chevrolet advertising theme, An American Revolution is taking place. That revolution is Restomods. What’s so revolutionary about restomods, they have been around for years, you say. And of course you’d be right. They aren’t new, enthusiasts have been building Corvette restomods ever since someone thought they could improve on the performance and comfort of production models and make the car more suited to their own tastes. What is new and even revolutionary, in fact, is that as long as the … Continue reading

Corvette C7.R Technology Transfer (VIDEO)

The 2015 Z06 was developed side by side with the full race C7.R (Photo courtesy of Chevrolet)

The 2014 Tudor United SportsCar Championship season is history and most teams are already deep into planning their 2015 season. We’ve had a lot to say about the 2014 season and the Corvette Racing Team and much like the teams we are also gearing up for another great season of some of the most exciting racing in the world. On IMSA’s site they recently released this short video of Tommy Milner and Tadge Juechter talking about the C7.R technology transfer between the C7.R and the Corvette Z06. From the use of carbon fiber to advanced aerodynamics and tire technology it is clearly evident that racing definitely improves the production vehicles. And if you are not lucky enough to spend a little … Continue reading

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale – Synergy of Success

BJ Scottsdale 2014

by Rick Tavel© October 16, 2014 After some of strongest overall results of the 2014 auction season, Barrett-Jackson® is gearing up for the greatest of the “World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions,” their renowned Scottsdale event. In order to top the success of their 2014 event, where record prices were hammered down on some outstanding Corvettes, the Barrett-Jackson team has been working hard on putting together the most exciting event in their 44 year Scottsdale history. And much of that success or failure will hinge on the quality of the auction consignments. Though it is never easy to attract quality consignments that will excite bidders enough to open their wallets, Barrett-Jackson has risen to the top of the auction business with … Continue reading

Corvette Racing – IMSA’s Tudor USCC – Season Ending Thoughts

Bishop France USCC Award

by Rick Tavel© October 17, 2014 CORVETTED Now that the Tudor United SportsCar Championship is history it seems just to sit around and wait for the 2015 season without some closure on 2014 isn’t right. I am surprised that Corvette Racing has not issued a seasonal wrap up with driver interviews and comments. In fact Corvette Racing has been noticeably silent since the end of the season and maybe that in itself says a lot. I realize that the Corvette Racing Team is perhaps the epitome of restraint when it comes to criticizing the organizers, even when it is justified. At the same time I understand the team’s obvious disappointment with the way the season ended, being virtually squeezed out … Continue reading

2014 Corvette Production Tops 37,000

P1000618 (2)

Largest Production Since 2008 by Rick Tavel© October 16, 2014 Corvetted The Bowling Green Kentucky Corvette Assembly Plant has released the official production numbers for the first model year of the seventh generation Corvette. Officially 37,288 2014 Corvettes were produced which is the largest production since the 2008 model year when 35,310 rolled off the Bowling Green assembly line. For the first year of the C7 Torch Red was the most popular exterior color chosen for 7197 Corvettes followed by Arctic White with 6153. The popular Z51 performance suspension option was chosen by 56% (21,111) of buyers and surprisingly the 6 speed automatic transmission (24,088) outsold the 7 speed manual (13,200) by a whooping 10,888. That seems to be a … Continue reading

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